How It Works

The following is the process of how our virtual dryer repair services work from start to finish


1. Before Your Appointment 

1. Book your appointment online by clicking on the Book Appointment Online tab on your screen to be directed to our online booking form. There you will enter your personal details (name, email, etc) as well as details about your dryer (brand, model number, etc).

The model and serial numbers are usually grouped together on a paper sticker or metal plate located on the inside of the door of your dryer. You can click here to see a visual example of what typical paper sticker and metal plates look like, and where model and serial numbers are typically found on different types of dryers.

2. After successfully booking your appointment online, you will immediately receive an email confirmation of your appointment booking.

3. Within 24 hours of booking your appointment, you will receive an email directing you to e-sign our Terms and Conditions document, which is necessary in order for us to provide our virtual repair services to you. We encourage you to e-sign the document as soon as you receive it, but if you wish to e-sign it at a later time, it must be e-signed before your scheduled appointment time.

4. On the day of your appointment, you will receive an email from us that will include the following:

a. A payment link will be included in the email, which you will click on to pay for your selected service (payment is not due immediately and you can wait to pay at your scheduled appointment time). You will be able to pay with a major debit or credit card or with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

b. A video call link will be included in the email, which you will click on to enter the video call with your technician. No download or installation is necessary to use our video call feature, you simply click on the link using your mobile phone or tablet at the time of your scheduled appointment.

5. Prepare for your appointment by making sure that you have gathered the necessary tools required for your appointment and have prepared the area around your dryer for the appointment. You can find the tools and prep list by clicking on the Tools and Prep tab.

2. During Your Appointment

1. At your scheduled appointment time, you will enter the video call with your technician by clicking on the video call link using your mobile phone or tablet. Please note that if you are more than 15 minutes late entering the video call, your appointment will be automatically cancelled.

3. After Your Appointment

1. After the video call with your technician is completed, we will email you an invoice showing the amount that you paid for the service, the service that was completed, the technician's findings from the appointment, and a list of parts and part numbers necessary to repair your dryer along with common parts stores where you can purchase those parts (if parts are necessary for the repair).

2. If you need to book a follow-up part installation appointment to receive help with installing your parts after you purchase them, you will repeat these steps starting with Step 1.

3. If for any reason we are unable to successfully diagnose your dryer's issue(s) or successfully help you install your part(s), we will refund the fee that you paid for your service.

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