Virtual Dryer Diagnostic Service

  • Are you having trouble finding online videos that will help you repair your dryer?

  • Are you trying to repair your dryer but are having trouble taking your dryer apart?

  • Have you tried repairing your dryer but it still isn't working properly?

  • Have you tried watching online videos to help you repair your dryer but prefer real-time virtual help from an experienced appliance technician?

During your virtual dryer diagnostic appointment, we will

  • Walk you through disassembling your dryer (if necessary for the diagnosis)

  • Assist you with accurately diagnosing the issue(s) with your dryer

  • Assist you with repairing your dryer (if no parts are required to repair your dryer or if the necessary part installation is simple and you have the part(s) with you already)

  • Allow you several minutes to vacuum the interior of your dryer if lint and debris are present and you wish to clean the interior of your dryer (if disassembling your dryer was necessary)

  • Walk you through reassembling your dryer (if disassembling your dryer was necessary and you want us to assist you with reassembling your dryer)

  • Walk you through testing your dryer to make sure that the repair was successful (if a repair was performed)


This service is ideal for you if

  • You are a DIYer who enjoys repairing your own things

  • You prefer live, real-time help from an experienced appliance technician rather than (or in addition to) help from online videos

  • You are looking to save money by repairing your dryer yourself instead of hiring a traditional appliance repairman to repair your dryer

  • You would like to know the total price that you will be paying before booking your service and you wish to pay a flat rate fee instead of an hourly fee

  • You would like the ability to choose the exact day and time of your appointment

We can assist you if you own one of the following electric dryer brands*

  • Whirlpool

  • Samsung

  • Maytag

  • Kenmore

  • Amana

  • Admiral

  • Roper

  • KitchenAid

  • Crosley

  • Estate



The fee for this service is a flat rate of $49+tax, which covers up to 75 minutes of assistance, and this service typically lasts less than 1 hour.


If for whatever reason we are unable to successfully diagnose your dryer's issue(s), we will refund the fee that you paid for your service!


Book an appointment online for our virtual dryer diagnostic service and we'll help you find out why your dryer isn't operating properly!

*We do not service the following types of dryers: Laundry centers, Samsung FlexDry™ dryers, combination (all-in-one) washer/dryers, condensing or heat pump (ventless) dryers, gas dryers, commercial dryers.

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